By fostering the cross-pollination of different competencies and skill, Warehouse developed a range of services apt to accelerate the start up of new entrepreneurial projects, social impact projects, and original projects to support traditional SME in the development of innovative communication and digitalization strategies, R&D activities, sustainable production and internationalization processes.

The smart combination of competences within Warehouse community, and the capacity to manage multifaceted consulting processes are an asset and added value of Wh projects.

Warehouse community is growing, and this is allowing us to have a fluid tailor made team of highly skilled professionals ready to study your problem and provide you with creative solutions, working in a place where working collaboratively is a natural process.

Write us and find out what we can do for you.


  • Business Clinic. Learning and outcome centered session2 hours with our team to start the evaluation process of your business idea with a critical and creative approach.
  • Evaluation of the Business Model 2 hours with our team to study the most appropriate business model for your idea.
  • Analysis of financial requirements and funding strategies 2 hours with our team to evaluate the financial requirements of your business idea, financial strategies and possible funding tools.
  • Business Plan OptimizationIf you already have a business plan, our team will help you to give an in-depth look at it and improve it
  • Project, Financial and legal advice 2 hours with our team to study the most appropriate business model for your idea.


  • Advisory on your business model and strategy.  We will help you to identify the right business model for your idea. Benchmarking and analysis of your project; competitors; early-stage strategies.
  • Advisory on Personal Branding. We will help you to define your project identity focusing on what makes you unique and different from your competitors and how to communicate effectively. What is your added value? Why should customers choose you? We will go together through a solid brand building process of your own or your business
  • Legal Advisory. Support in choosing the right legal structure for your initiative
  • Financial Services. Comprehensive assessment of the financial aspects of your project. Evaluation of possible funding channels and support in requiring a loan
  • Writing of a Business Plan. If you want to submit a project proposal for funding or participate in a call and want to be sure not to make any mistakes, our consultants can help you in writing the business plan.


Advise on funding tolls for startups and spinoffs

2 hours with our team of experts to identify and evaluate different funding opportunities (tenders, EU grants, etc.) relevant to your business idea/spinoff.

Project advisories services; overview and reviewing of project design through our collaborative methodologies and multidisciplinary approach, which facilitate creative solutions to innovation processes.

Contact us for an ad hoc advice:

Areas of work

  • European projects
  • Marketing and communication
  • Product and service design
  • Crowdfunding & co-creation
  • Interior design & outfitting
  • Event planning
  • International cooperation
  • Research on social issues and local development

Helpdesks for freelancers

From time to time, Warehouse Coworking Factory sets up helpdesks to provide freelancers, new entrepreneurs and professionals, including prospective ones, with a consultancy service on the regulations and opportunities of the professional world.

  • Connecting demand and supply
  • Labour law consultancy;
  • Personnel requalification;
  • Outplacement and career counselling services.

The helpdesks for freelancers are usually accessible in the last week of every month and they are held by:

Francesca Centofanti, lawyer, specialized in industrial law (protection of intangible assets: brands, patents, patterns, know-how, etc.)

Erika Luchetti, Chartered Accountant at STUDIO GHIRONZI MARCHETTI

Articolo 1 Employment Centre

Patrizio Massi, occupational psychologist