People and their talents
are our most precious resource.

Our community is an expression of our strong bond with the land we are from and our international connections; it includes professionals from all over Marche, as well as coworkers from other Italian regions and countries in Europe and the rest of the world, who are active in our partnering coworking spaces.

By enhancing the competencies and collaborative practices of the community, the Warehouse Coworking Factory team develops projects to answer the innovation, research and marketing needs of companies, startups, universities and institutions, at the local level and beyond.

The projects we have worked and are working on, some at the European level, pertain to the following fields:

  • European projects
  • Marketing and communication
  • Product and service design
  • Crowdfunding & co-creation
  • Interior design & outfitting
  • Event planning
  • International cooperation
  • Research on social issues and local development


Case Studies

Quando l’Università incontra il Coworking: The future you

Coworking, dalla formazione allo storytelling: la collaborazione con Girolomoni

La Golosa Officina: Laboratorio di biscotti e creazioni artigianali, dolci e salate


Vuoi sottoporci un’idea o un progetto?

Il team Warehouse è a disposizione per fissare un incontro preliminare (anche via Skype), per confrontarci sulla tua idea e le possibilità di co-creazione del tuo progetto insieme alla nostra community.

Crowdfunding Hub

By fostering the cross-pollination of different competencies and skills, a coworking space is an ideal environment to conceive and test projects that can be funded from the bottom up. The presence of a skilled and motivated community makes Warehouse the perfect context to manage and support crowdfunding campaigns.

With the help of a network that includes international partners, Warehouse aims at attracting the best ideas originated locally and transforming them in successful projects.     

Iniziativa Nazionale di Crowdfunding in Slovenia

Ulule (la più grande piattaforma europea di crowdfunding)

Poligon Kreativni Center (coworking indipendente di Lubiana)

Ginger (la principale piattaforma di crowdfunding civico in Italia)

Puntodock (generatori di soluzioni collettive)