Peer-to-Peer Learning

“We are all entrepreneurs; only too few people get to practice it”

Muhammad Yunus

Everybody can learn to practice entrepreneurship, and do so in various contexts and ecosystems.

This is the premise under which Warehouse Coworking Factory dedicates projects to entrepreneurial education, also to address the issue of local and EU youth unemployment.

Young people need to have access to experiences and training which are relevant to the needs of the new labour market and to find effective routes into employment and into self-employment.

Thus in the past three years Wh team has developed new learning formats and methodologies supportive of peer to peer, collaborative and experiential learning

Collaboration across sectors and cultures is an asset and added value of all projects and services we develop at Warehouse Coworking Factory

For example, the experiential GET OUT THERE packages we designed and developed with the support of our mentors, allow early stage entrepreneurs coming from other Countries to go through an intensive experience within the ecosystem of our community, interacting with peers, learning and growing their skills and competences, working to develop their projects, and experiencing our Country and, in particular, our Region.

We want to encourage freelancers, students and emerging entrepreneurs in different fields and from different Countries to exchange cross culturally their experience, share their stories and lessons learned, grow their professional network and design their own entrepreneurial path.

Packages offer weekly and monthly experiences where young people can

  • Live Warehouse community and ecosystems
  • Enlarge their professional network
  • Interact with peers
  • Learn and develop their skills and competences on specific topics with the help of mentors and tutors
  • Work to develop their projects
  • Experience our Region through some peculiar touristic experiences.