At the local level, Warehouse Coworking Factory is being recognized as a stakeholder promoter of events aimed at helping in examining the changing world of work and the potential of the sharing economy, of which coworking is an expression.

A revolution is taking place in work and life styles. New challenges and opportunities to do business, experience the local level, structure work and promote social innovation are arising, and they need to be understood and developed. At Warehouse, BarCamps, workshops and informal meetings are devoted to the analysis of every facet of the sharing economy, which is mainly based on three elements: sharing; horizontal relations between individuals and organizations; new IT technologies and platforms.

We – the self-employed workers, freelancers and new entrepreneurs – are the ones who move about in such a diverse, connected and flexible professional world. Contributing to thoroughly understand these new concepts is a cultural challenge that Warehouse has accepted since its inception, by promoting dedicated events in its area.