• Coworking: a value creation model, drawing its strength from an active community of people who believe that innovation stems from sharing.
  • Coworking: an open space, where professionals have a chance to meet and collaborate on shared activities or projects.
  • Coworking: networking, meeting people, finding customers and collaborators.
  • Coworking: an opportunity to train and grow professionally through workshops, seminars and informal learning events
  • Coworking: sharing as a culture; creation of shared value for oneself, the professional and the local community.
Co- working Marotta - Community

Are you a freelancer?

At Warehouse you will find an open, creative and collaborative workspace at a fraction of the rental cost of a traditional office.

And, above all, you will find a community of professionals, willing to share knowledge and to collaborate, with whom you can put new ideas to the test and start new projects.

To find out about the services we provide to our coworkers, get in touch or just drop by!

Are you an entrepreneur?

In recent years, in Italy and all over the world, small and large companies are allowing their employees to work from coworking spaces.

Warehouse represents an opportunity to innovate your company, in terms of knowledge management processes and methodologies, by getting in touch with our community of freelancers.

Our spaces are fruitful ground for the development of entrepreneurial ideas and projects, thanks to the cross-fertilisation of complementary professional sectors, such as digital design, research, innovation, and to an external network, that also includes universities and other research and training institutions.

Allowing your collaborators to work in such an environment, with hours and formats chosen by you, is therefore a good option to:

  • Develop and co-create innovative processes;
  • Contribute to devising new products and launching them on the market;
  • Renew your corporate culture;
  • Learn more collaborative methods to manage workflows and resources;
  • Innovate your brand and communication strategy, in order to attract customers, partners and talent;
  • Test new products.

Get in touch with us if you are thinking about having your collaborators work in our space!