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Warehouse Coworking Factory is a community of independent professionals, drawn together by the benefits of smart networking and open innovation. Based in the coastal region of Marche, in Italy, Warehouse flourishes in a family-owned, sun-lit facility overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Freelancers at Warehouse share tools, time, knowledge and new ideas and they provide innovative projects and services for start-ups, traditional enterprises, associations and institutions. Warehouse is a multidisciplinary, collaborative, open-plan office environment, which supports mobile and flexible approaches to work and fosters new opportunities of business, collaboration and professional growth.

Warehouse Coworking Factory is part of the Copass global network of independent coworking spaces, participates in the Coworking Visa EU programme and is a member of the Alpe Adria Coworking platform.


‘The real revolution, in our view, is the creation of a community of professionals who share not only a space, but also the same values, rooted in co-creation, flexibility and sharing.’ Laura



‘At Warehouse, independence and cross-pollination merge in an open, versatile, inspiring and creative working environment.’ Lucia

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‘There are multiple meanings to the word coworking. Here at Warehouse, one of the first small-town coworking spaces in central Italy, working together means so much more than sharing desks and spaces.’ Ronnie

‘Coworking is much more than just a space to meet and work in. It is a community of people sharing resources, beliefs, knowledge and the benefits that arise when talented people work side-by-side.’



‘The space of Warehouse is ideal for work meetings and talks, training events, professional workshops and seminars. Wi-Fi connection and technological and professional equipment are all supplied.’ Luigi


‘Year after year, we map the training needs of our community and we set up workshop-based learning offerings to answer specific professional needs.’ Anna

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 ‘The willingness to share ideas, interests and contacts allows us to assemble a meaningful corpus of shared contents and projects.’ Fabio

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Crowdfunding Hub

Coworking and crowdfunding have two relevant aspects in common: the presence of a community and a high level of involvement in the project.’ Simone

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‘Coworking means networking, leaving the isolation of individual work behind and becoming part of a diverse community of professionals, who share values such as openness to others, professional collaboration, intellectual curiosity, friendship.’ Massimiliano

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Warehouse is part of the network of independent coworking spaces COPASS
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