Warehouse partners with Bernstein, the start-up offering blockchain-based solutions for securing intellectual property to creatives, innovators and companies

Warehouse Coworking Factory announces its strategic Partnership with Bernstein, the German start -up offering blockchain-based solutions for securing and managing intellectual property assets.

Warehouse is among the first hubs in Italy to start offering its community of creatives, innovators and start-ups the possibility to protect forever what they develop and create. 

Inventions, designs, creative processes and proofs of use of our community members can now be quickly registered, obtaining blockchain certificates that prove ownership, existence and integrity of intellectual property assets. Furthermore all the information recorded remains secret, thanks to a robust cryptographic infrastructure.

IP, one of the key topics tackled by the Creative FLIP

Awareness on the importance and value of Intellectual Property (IP) is growing throughout different sectors, especially within the Cultural and Creative Industries. 

And it is just within the project Creative FLIP (Finance, Learning, Innovation, Patenting)– a pilot project co-funded by the EU, led by the Goethe-Institut and implemented by a consortium of six partners—among them the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), whose main objective is to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) with respect to these four key policies-  that Warehouse, as an active member of the Network, got the inspiration to seriously tackle the intellectual property topic which very often becomes an issue within its creatives and start-up ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the traditional intellectual property rights system, originally designed to protect the creations of innovators and promote progress, is failing to keep up the pace with the speed of business, highly complex to navigate and often leaves out the most innovative entities of all: startups & entrepreneurs of the digital age.

Proper IP rights management can limit risk and enhance the competitiveness of all types of businesses in the creative and cultural sectors and Bernstein certifications prove existence, integrity, and ownership of any IP asset and help accelerators and creative hubs to create more and bigger success stories.

What is Bernstein

Bernstein is a simple web-app that gives everyone fast and affordable access to the most powerful public registry: the Bitcoin blockchain. In only a few minutes, anyone can upload and certify any idea, creative process or knowledge to secure his/her rights as the original owner, without ever disclosing them to anyone.

Blockchain certificates are valid worldwide, are increasingly recognized by courts and can be combined with official national timestamps in a single additional click.

For Whom

As a founder of an early-stage venture, one’s thoughts probably circle around developing your product or service, building a sustainable brand from scratch or raising capital. Thinking about the startup’s intellectual property, in contrast, could feel time-consuming and expensive. However, a startup can gain immense competitive advantage by protecting its intellectual property, specifically during the initial stages and before disclosing any information to third parties such as venture capitalists. Failing to do so may not only lead to missed fundraising opportunities and immense costs but also potential business closure down the road.

although a startup’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset, many independent accelerators hosting, supporting and investing in these early-stage startups do not offer support for its protection, which creates a gap between the startup’s needs and accelerator’s offerings. 

This is where Bernstein steps in. The company developed a white-label version of its web app, specifically designed for accelerators as an additional service to their residents. While they support highly innovative teams at an early stage, Bernstein empowers them to secure the progress of their work during the time of the program and allows for the protection of their IP rights.

For Warehouse Coworking Factory, whose mission is to support creative people, emerging entrepreneurs, social innovators, start-up in developing their identity and professional career, their talent, skills and ideas, being able to offer Bernstein services means concretely promoting innovation, creativity, the free circulation of ideas and their transformation into viable projects.

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