Warehouse visits ATÖLYE Creative Hub in Istanbul

Today started our P2P exchange hosted by ATÖLYE creative hub in the framework of the Creative FLIP project supported by European Commission . The project is implemented by a consortium of six partners and spearheaded by Goethe Institut Brussel and European Creative Hubs Network
Warm welcome to our Hub Director Laura and community member Massi by ATÖLYE team, Atylim and Emre guiding our team in a deep dive into ATÖLYE vibrant membrane organization. The week will focus around two topics : Organizations and Service Design for innovation and on Emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies: Practices from Italy and Turkey

As part of this exchange, Wednesday we’ll participate  a public event to share the practices at emerging technologies in Italy and Turkey in partnership with KARMA Lab. The event will start with Massimilliano’s presentation about immersive/XR/360 examples deriving from Warehouse. It’ll continue with a discussion on how creative hubs can work with 360/XR initiatives and how this topic, both as a new opportunity for storytelling/perspective taking and emerging technology and can provide new windows and skills for the hub communities.


Creative FLIP

The Creative FLIP project strives to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems related to Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The project is implemented by a consortium of six partners, co-financed by European Commission and spearheaded by Goethe-Institut and European Creative Hubs Network. Each of the partners brings forth their renowned specialist expertise in the specific areas covered by the project.

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