Freelancers and digital nomads from all over Europe choose Warehouse Coworking Factory, and the Marche region (Italy), for experiences of #Workation: coworking and networking… on vacation!!!

The trend to blend coworking with holidays, started a few years ago. In an age when advanced technology and fast Internet allow people to work from anywhere, we at Warehouse believe this is the right time to welcome this new working and travelling phenomenon to our beautiful (and mostly unknown) region and to our inspiring space and community.

Warehouse Coworking Factory, with its active and friendly Community of start-ups, smart workers, emerging entrepreneurs and freelancers really offers a great cultural opportunity for independent, open-minded professionals and employees looking for spaces where they can work with like-minded people and discover a beautiful and authentic Italian region. Marche is characterized by small towns located along the Adriatic shore, and in the countryside, among beautiful hills and the Apennine mountains: all in one region.

Located right on the coast, in the small town of Marotta, Warehouse is a sunlit facility overlooking the Adriatic, at walking distance from the beach. Spring, summer and autumn, are perfect moments for entrepreneurs, photographers, developers, writers, designers, marketers, film directors, adventurers to come and experience our culture while freelancing and practicing entrepreneurship within our far-reaching ecosystem of talented professionals.

Companies, too, even from across the borders, are starting to consider the amenities, the talent and activities provided by our space, embracing new ways of working to encourage productive human interactions for their employees, to get them inspired and to test ideas for specific projects. They are starting to embrace #smart #working and understand the power of collaboration and of the open innovation approach, giving their collaborators the freedom to work at our space for a period of time. There is a growing appreciation for the value of communities and collaborative thinking.

Marche is traditionally considered a region of excellence, not only for its economic performance, but also for its cultural, natural and social richness. It is made up of small cities and towns and characterized by the exceptional and largely untapped energy and creativity of the local traditional and emerging entrepreneurs. Warehouse is a highly regarded hub where all these experiences gather in one single space, and connect on different projects and activities.

Warehouse offers professionals and digital nomads coming from other regions or countries a creative and energizing working space, and it doesn’t end there:

You will get your work done, network with inspiring people, receiving your personal peer-to-peer mentoring on your project or training to update your competences… but you will also be able to surf or ride a horse; harvest grape or hunt for truffles; visit an apiary or a medieval castle 🙂

Warehouse is a proud member of international networks of fellow creative hubs, such as Alpe Adria Coworking Network, Coworking Visa, which counts 450 independent coworking spaces around the world, and EU Creative Hubs Network. An increasing number of their members are starting to offer on-the-move office space for those working and travelling. From our point of view, this cross-pollination is fruitful for both our guests and our community of local freelancers and emerging entrepreneurs.

In the past four years, we have been involved in several workation stories, which became projects, collaborations, and opportunities for cross-pollination among talented people. That is the case of our friend Morgan Sully, from the USA: an IT specialist, at that time he was community manager of the Agora coworking space in Berlin. He worked at Warehouse for four months, renting an apartment overlooking the sea, discovering our region and exchanging working experiences. Luka Piskoric, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, manager and co-founder of the Poligon creative hub, came to Warehouse as a mentor for a crowdfunding camp while enjoying a few days’ holiday at the camping down the road, right on the beach. Andrej Kolencik, visual designer and film director from Bratislava, founder of the Laska&Nerest coworking space in Bratislava, just went back home after a mobility experience of working, networking and living our region. Ashley Johnson, from Denver, UX designer,  is still travelling somewhere around Italy; she stopped at a fellow coworking space in southern Italy after one week with us… And we can tell the stories of members of the Warehouse community travelling for workation experiences. In the last year, Dario Spadoni, developer, and Alberto Rondina, translator, went on workation to Budapest, Lisbon and Madrid, where they were able to work while visiting those beautiful cities. Elisabeth Martinez, graphic designer, went to Indonesia for a month and she looked for a coworking space over there… All of them came back with unique benefits and new energy from their experiences to invest in their projects.

The Warehouse community is living proof of how much we value human and cross-cultural connections in business, and a response to our more independent, mobile workforce.

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